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Loss of aircraft separation

enero 31, 2022

R44 (EC-MTH) & M-20-K (D-EKUR) – Son Bonet Airport

General data

Date & Time08/01/2022 08:15 UTC
LocationSon Bonet Airport (Mallorca)
AircraftA1: MOONEY M 20; reg. DE-KUR
H1: ROBINSON R 44; reg. EC-MTH
OperatorA1: Private
H1: Training Centre
DamagesA1: Nil
H1: Nil
Type of operationA1: General aviation
H1: General aviation
Phase of flightTaxiing


The ROBINSON R 44 helicopter with registration EC-MHT, operated by an instructor and a student, arrived at Son Bonet airport (Mallorca) after carrying out a local instruction flight, remaining in stationary flight, close to the ground, over a grassy area located to the right of runway 23.

Moments later, the MOONEY M 20 aircraft with registration DE-KUR, which had the pilot and a passenger on board, started the landing maneuver on runway 23, after having performed a local flight.

When the aircraft was on the final leg of the landing maneuver, the helicopter, which was still hovering, began to move to land on the helipad, which is inside the apron for aircraft parking, also located on the right side of runway 23.

Both aircraft crossed each other when they were at the same altitude and at that moment their horizontal separation was approximately 4 m.

Finally, the two aircraft landed normally, with no injuries or material damage.

Forensic analysis

CAST taxonomies classification

Systemic analysis

HFACS review

Lessons learnt

Similar accidents


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